Top print trends for 2018

Top print trends for 2018

Whether you’re a trendsetter or trend chaser, every industry has forecasts that can shape the year ahead. And print is no different.

From fusion to food packaging, here’s what’s on the horizon for print in 2018.

1. Fusion

Print has always been a key player in most marketing collateral. But now, print and digital campaigns are fusing together to create integrated, hybrid forms of communication. Whether its photos of beautiful, printed business cards on Instagram, or flyers with QR codes directing customers to an offer on a website – print and digital go hand in hand. Fact.

2. Surprising stocks

Paper (or stock as we call it in the industry), is forever evolving. From coated, gloss or silk finishes to rugged, textured stocks like specialised embossed papers that mimic leather, linen or other textiles, the choice of what we print on is vast. More unusual paper types have become popular in recent years, giving everyday printed flyers, business cards or beer mats a more tactile, unique feel and appearance. Why print on the standard 250gsm paper when you could print on Washi? (That’s a Japanese tissue paper made from Gampi tree fibres, for those of you who don’t know).

3. Futureproof packaging

Gone are the polystyrene packets of the 90’s and 00’s. Today we want recyclable, small food and drink packaging that won’t harm our environment. Even big businesses like Amazon have come under fire for using gigantic packaging for tiny products. This will be a thing of the past, and we for one can’t wait.

4. DM is back for good

Direct Mail saw a decline in the late 00’s after ‘big data’ and email marketing steamed ahead. But now it’s back with a bang as brands have realised the potential of personalised, printed mail that cuts through the electronic clutter, giving customers something tangible they can hold in their hands.

See, print can be pretty cool. Although we’re very biased. If you’ve got a weird and wonderful print requirement, we’d be happy to help. Just Get in touch today. 

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